Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Friend who doesn’t use mobile phone nowadays man? so do you too Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone in Hindi Looking for. So I’m your friend and I’ll tell you Advantages and disadvantages of mobile What is it? so let’s find out

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

“Make limited use of mobile,
Addiction is bad, don’t abuse it.


The invention of mobile phone has given a new look to the whole world. It has made the life of human very easy due to which it has become a part of today’s life.

Actually mobile is very important but it is good if we use mobile properly only when needed for a limited time. If we use mobile more than the limit, then it can have many side effects.

advantages of mobile phone

  • The first advantage of a mobile phone is that with this we can talk to any person in the world without going to him.
  • Due to the small size of the mobile phone, it can easily fit in our pocket which is very convenient.
  • we can use mobile as calculator in business
  • Using this we can send messages to each other
  • We can also make photos and videos from mobile phones
  • In mobile we can use internet so that we can read all the information available on internet
  • Mobile phones are now being used for women’s safety as well. With the help of some apps, at the press of a button, the message reaches the acquaintances, so that acquaintances can quickly reach for the help of the woman.
  • If we go to any new place, then with the help of mobile we can also see the map and our current location.
  • These days mobile phones are used for various official purposes. From scheduled meetings, sending and receiving documents, giving presentations, alarms, job applications, etc.
  • Nowadays, with the use of mobile, we can easily do the transaction of money without even going to the bank.
  • We can also do online shopping sitting at home with mobile phones.
  • Today’s smart mobile phone can easily do almost all the tasks in the computer.

disadvantages of mobile phone

  • Excessive use of mobile phone weakens the eyes, which can lead to the problem of low vision in the future.
  • Nowadays students keep playing games on mobile all day, due to which their mind is not able to concentrate on studies.
  • In today’s time, we save everything in the mobile itself and do not try to remember, because of this our memory starts getting weak.
  • Today’s generation has become so addicted to the smartphone that they check their mobile again and again without any reason. Due to which they are not able to do their important work properly.
  • Nowadays people keep talking on mobile while driving, due to which their attention gets distracted and accidents happen.
  • Hearing power of youth is getting weak due to listening to songs with earphones on mobile
  • Radiation from mobile is very harmful for our health.
  • Time is wasted due to excessive use of smartphone because most of the people waste their precious time in looking at the phone even after the work is done.


Mobile is such a technology given by science in this scientific age, which is good only if we use it properly. Otherwise it has many side effects too.

Using more than necessary can create a lot of problems for us, so all of us should use mobile very rarely and only when needed.

If you misuse mobile,
then many problems will arise

Mobile is with us and not we from mobile

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