Essay on Amrit Festival of Independence

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nectar festival of freedom

Essay on Amrit Festival of Independence

“Come, let’s all sing together.
Celebrate the nectar festival of freedom”

Our country India got independence on 15th August 1947 after a lot of struggle. The country did not get this freedom so easily. We got freedom after the sacrifice of innumerable patriots.

Therefore, this freedom is valuable for all the countrymen. The name of the celebration of the years of this precious independence is “nectar festival of freedom“This celebration is being celebrated like a festival across the country.

Beginning of Amrit Festival of Independence

The 75th year of independence will be completed on 15 August 2022. Therefore, the Amrit festival of independence has started 75 weeks ago.

Every state is making preparations for this festival at its own level. We all know that on 12 March 1930, the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi started the Salt Satyagraha.

On the completion of 91 years of Salt Satyagraha in 2020, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi started the Amrit Mahotsav from Sabarmati Ashram by flagging off the padyatra, the programs of this festival will run till the year 2023.

Purpose of the Amrit Festival of Independence

The purpose of celebrating Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi is to make people aware of the sacrifices and sacrifices of freedom fighters.

There have been many such freedom fighters in our history who laid down their lives for the country, but we know the names of only a few. Through this festival, the country will find those unsung heroes and bring their heroic stories in front of everyone.

nectar festival of freedom

During the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, thoughts on the past 75 years, achievements on 75 years, action on 75 and resolutions on 75 are included.

Who will give inspiration to move forward to realize the dreams of independent India. Efforts are being made to promote ‘Vocal for Local Campaign’ through this event.

Various programs related to the freedom struggle will be organized for 75 weeks across the country. Through which an attempt will be made to give the message of patriotism and show a glimpse of Indian culture.

According to PM Modi, “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav means elixir of energy of freedom, Amrit Mahotsav of freedom means nectar of inspirations from brave fighters, Amrit Mahotsav of freedom means nectar of new ideas, nectar of new resolutions, Amrit Mahotsav of independence means self-reliance. Nectar”

Importance of Amrit Festival of Independence

The Amrit Festival of Independence is important for every countryman, because through this we will also remember the glorious history of the country’s freedom struggle keeping an eye on the future.

This festival has given us an opportunity to know and assess our weaknesses, but do not be ashamed of them.

Proceed with self-respect. India has a wealth of pride to be proud of, a rich history, a conscious cultural heritage that gives us mighty wings to soar high

That is why it can be hoped that this festival will inculcate respect for democratic institutions in the new generation and inspire the creation of an ideal society by inculcating in them the memory of the sacrifices made for freedom.


Today, amidst the disappointments in the country, the lamps of hope have started burning. A new civilization and a new culture is taking shape

Such a saga of a free country with new political values ​​and new ideas is being written. As a result of which the country has started getting stronger, India is present with an independent identity not only in the internal environment but also in the eyes of the world.

If the country continues on the path of modernity with its cultural identity in this way, then surely one day India will stand as a superpower by becoming a world leader.

“We all have to celebrate this celebration of freedom together, with the participation of the people, a self-reliant India will have to be made”

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