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Essay on Dussehra

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Essay on Dussehra in 100 words

Dussehra is a famous festival celebrated in our country India. It marks the day on which Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana.

This festival is a reminder that good and purity always triumph over evil. Family members get ready and come together on Dussehra to spend time with each other by having good food and watching fireworks.

Many people go out during Dussehra fairs. In these fairs, some local theater groups stage plays of Ramlila, which is based on the famous Hindu mythology of Ramayana. And finally Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna

This festival is completed by burning a huge effigy of

Essay on Dussehra in 200 words

Dussehra is a Hindu festival celebrated in the memory of Lord Rama to mark the end of the demon king Ravana.

People celebrate this day by burning a huge demon-like structure of the demon king Ravana made of wood and grass. Another legend believed by the people of West Bengal.

That is, Mother Goddess Durga, who had come to visit her father’s house on earth, leaves after five days, that is, on the day of Dashami or Dussehra. So everyone is happy and asks him to come again next year to Maa Durga.

On this day, sweets are prepared and distributed. In this the children are most excited as they wear beautiful and new clothes, they get a chance to meet their brothers and friends, they are told the story of Ramayana again, and are also taken to fairs where they buy toys. and eat delicious dishes.

Finally, Dussehra shows us the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. It teaches us that no matter how powerful the evil may be, in the end the good wins.

Essay on Dussehra in 300 words

Dussehra is also known as Durga Puja. This festival is celebrated all over India at the end of the rainy season. West Bengal tops idol worship in Navratri while Dandiya played in Gujarat is unmatched. This festival is celebrated for the whole ten days.

People remain engrossed in devotion. Special worship of Maa Durga is seen. The festival ends on the day of Dashami. This day is called Vijayadashami. The effigy of Ravana, a symbol of good over evil, is burnt all over the country on this day.

On this day Lord Rama killed the demon Ravana and freed Mother Sita from her captivity and the whole society was free from fear. Before killing Ravana, Rama worshiped Durga. Pleased with his worship, Maa Durga gave him the boon of victory.

Ravan Dahan is still celebrated with great pomp. Along with this, fireworks are released. Devotees who worship by establishing the idol of Maa Durga also perform the program of idol-immersion with great gusto.

Devotees worship Maa Durga during Dussehra. Some people fast and fast. At the end of the puja, the pundits are satisfied by giving donations and dakshina. Fairs are held at many places. Ramlila is also organized.

Dussehra or Vijayadashami, celebrated as the victory of Rama or as Durga Puja, is a festival of Shakti worship in both its forms. It is a festival of joy, gaiety and victory. It is celebrated in different forms in every nook and corner of the country, but it is also celebrated with equal enthusiasm and gaiety in other countries where overseas Indians live.

Be that as it may, the atmosphere of joy and gaiety that Dussehra brings with it every year, takes months to unwind. People eagerly wait for this festival. In states like Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa, many people do their work throughout the year only at the time of the arrival of this festival. Therefore, we should welcome it wholeheartedly.

Essay on Dussehra in 400 words

Dussehra is a festival celebrated in Hinduism. It is one of the most important festivals in India. People all over the country celebrate Dussehra with great enthusiasm and love. It is time for everyone to rejoice.

Students get ten days long holidays from their schools and colleges to enjoy this festival to the fullest. Dussehra comes two or three weeks before Diwali. Thus, it usually falls around September to October.

Everyone eagerly waits for this festival. It brings reasons to rejoice for all. Women prepare for their puja, while men buy crackers and more to celebrate it wholeheartedly.

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami in some regions of India. If we put aside regional differences, then the main events of this festival have a single purpose i.e. the victory of good over evil.

In other words, this festival marks the victory of the power of good over the power of evil. If we look at Hindu mythology, it is said that on this day Goddess Durga removed the demon named Mahishasura from the earth.

Similarly, other traditions hold that Lord Rama fought and annihilated the demon king Ravana on this day.

Thus, we see how light triumphs over darkness, truth over lies and good over evil. People all over India celebrate Dussehra with great enthusiasm and pomp. Different cultures do not affect the celebrations of the festival. The enthusiasm and fervor remain the same throughout the festival.

Also, Dussehra marks the victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana. Thus, people make plays to show the battle that took place between them for ten days. This dramatic form is called Ram-lila. People in North India perform Ram-Leela by wearing masks and through various dance forms.

Thereafter, following the Ramayana, he makes huge sized effigies of three demons namely Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna. Then they are burnt. This event is held in the open ground.

People of all ages enjoy this fair. He watches the fireworks and gets mesmerized by the stunning scenery. Children look forward to this event the most.

Dussehra holds great importance in Hinduism. However, people of all religions see the wonderful act of burning Ravana. It unites people. Most importantly, Dussehra teaches us that good always overcomes evil and light always triumphs over darkness.

Essay on Dussehra in 500 words

India is a country of many cultures and traditions. It is one of the very important festivals. It is celebrated by the entire Hindu community. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated in the month of Ashwin. Dussehra falls in the month of September-October.

It is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm. Dussehra is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. It is a festival of glory. This festival marks the victory of good over evil.

There is an old story behind this festival. The people of earth and heaven were harassed and harassed by the demon Mahishasura. Even the gods were afraid of him. On his sincere prayer and request, Goddess Durga was born from Agni.

Goddess Durga appeared in front of the demon. The demon was fascinated by her beauty and was killed by her. His death brought relief to earth and heaven. Dussehra is celebrated in his honor. The celebration of Dussehra lasts for ten days.

In the northern part of India, people celebrate it as Navratri. People keep fast for nine days and worship Goddess Durga. On the ninth day of the festival, he breaks his fast.

He dances “Garba” or “Dandiya” according to a tradition. People wear new clothes and go to fairs. Distribute sweets to each other. Dussehra is celebrated with great pomp in the eastern part of the country i.e. West Bengal, Assam and Orissa. It is a big celebration and most important celebration for them.

According to Hindu mythology, after killing Mahishasura, Goddess Durga comes to her father’s house on earth with her four children and she leaves after five days. Clay paintings of Durga are made with pictures of her children.

The effigies are beautifully decorated. The goddess has ten hands and she holds various weapons with a snake in all her hands. It shows their strength and might. She sits on a lion, which is a sacred carrier.

Large pandals are set up at many places in cities and also in rural areas. The heavy use of precious metals like gold and silver on the image of Goddess Durga makes this festival grand and golden.

Various shops and fairs are set up temporarily around the puja mandaps. People gather in large numbers at these shops to eat street food and buy traditional things.

Children flock around the shops to buy balloons and toys. Durga Puja is celebrated for five days. The whole country celebrates this festival. All wear new clothes for five days.

All offices, schools and colleges are closed for a few days. Everyone celebrates the festival for a week. All relax and enjoy with friends and families.

Many people visit their distant relatives during this festival. Streets, buildings, houses are decorated with colorful lights. In some parts of the country people celebrate Dussehra and Ramlila because they believe that Lord Rama killed Ravana on this day.

Huge effigies of Ravana are made. People perform the drama of Ramayana and at the end of the play the person playing the character of Lord Rama burns the effigy. In the southern part of the country, people celebrate Dussehra by worshiping Lord Rama and Goddess Saraswati with all metal instruments.

On the tenth day, it is believed that Goddess Durga returns to heaven and people say goodbye to her with a heavy heart. On the last day, clay idols are immersed in holy water. People distribute snacks and sweets to each other.