Essay on National Voters Day – National Voters Day Essay

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Essay on National Voters’ Day

“Raise the awareness of voters,
Voter’s Day Explain the importance of voting”


India is a democratic republic. In democratic governance, the ruler is elected by the people, since this election is done by voting, so the participation of every citizen of India in voting is very important.

National Voters’ Day in India is celebrated every year on 25 January to encourage citizens to vote. This day is important for every Indian citizen.

National Voters’ Day begins

Celebration of National Voters’ Day was started by the Government of India from 25 January 2011. The Election Commission was also established on this day. Voters’ Day is being celebrated on 25 January every year since 2011.

Objective of celebrating National Voters’ Day

The objective of “National Voters’ Day” is to ensure maximum participation of citizens in voting. so that voters can choose a representative of a hard working and clean image

For this it is necessary to make citizens aware about voting. Indian democracy holds a strong position in the world

In this, both the cooperation of the voters and the Election Commission of India have an important contribution. It is only because of the Election Commission that fair elections are possible in the country.

Importance of National Voters’ Day

Organizing National Voters’ Day every year reminds the citizens of India of their duty towards their nation. Organizing National Voters’ Day also tells people that it is necessary for every person to vote.

The participation of every citizen of India in the voting process is necessary because only one vote of the common man changes the governments.

One vote of all of us can in a moment choose a good representative and also choose a useless representative.

Therefore, every citizen of India should use his vote wisely. So that only such governments or representatives should be elected which can take the country on the path of development and progress.

Celebration of National Voters’ Day

Every year on 25 January, National Voters’ Day, the Election Commission of India organizes a function in New Delhi. Where various dignitaries including the President of India, Law Ministers and media persons are invited on the occasion

During the program, cultural programs like welcome speech, drama, various competitions, folk dance etc. are organized.

Different themes are kept every year to make this occasion special. Theme of National Voters’ Day 2022 To boost the electoral process among new young voters, the theme of National Voters’ Day 2022 is “Electoral Literacy for Strong Democracy”.


On the day of National Voters’ Day, every voter of the country should take a pledge to strengthen democracy through their active participation.

The vote of every individual becomes a participant in the building of the nation. Therefore, we should vote only thinking about the development of the country by rising above communalism and casteism.

Remember – we will change the country will change

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