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Essay on Voting – Essay on Matdan in Hindi

Must contribute to the development of the country
In any case, cast your valuable vote.


Our country India is a democratic country. India was declared a democratic country on 26 January 1950

In a democratic country, all citizens have the right to elect their representatives by voting. Voting is very important for us

It is not only the progress of the government, but it is also a factor for the progress of the common citizen.

need to vote

Democracy has been called the rule of the people. In a democratic country like India, the leader who will be elected by the people will form the government.

That is why it is very important for every citizen of the country to vote. If every citizen does not exercise his vote, a corrupt leader may come to power.

Importance of voting

Voting is an important part of democracy. There are many such things in India which are decided by voting.

By using voting, we choose our representative, who can work dutifully for us and for the development of the country.

Every person has importance in a democracy and every person should exercise his vote considering his duty. We have got the best gift of freedom in the form of suffrage.

Our visionary constitution makers ended the discrimination of caste, religion, sect, gender and gave voting rights to all citizens.

Every voter should vote after assessing the merits of the candidates standing in the election, only then the purpose of becoming a voter will be successful.

“Elections are the basis of democracy,
Accept the importance of it

Voting is our responsibility

Voting is our first responsibility. By voting, we choose good leaders for the future of our country.

But many people do not fulfill this important right and responsibility, all want to stay away from it.

The common citizen has been considered the most important for choosing the leader of the country. That is why the common citizen should understand his duty and choose the right representation so that his country can get good government.

who can vote

Every Indian citizen in India who is 18 years of age or more has the right to vote and it is also his fundamental duty.

The Constitution of India gives this right to the citizens of the country. Every Indian citizen has the right to elect representatives of his country, state as well as municipal bodies and panchayats every five years. To cast your vote, you have to make a voter ID card by adding your name to the voter list.


A strong democracy is one where every citizen exercises his right to vote. If you are against evil and corruption then do something so that you can become a part of future politics.

There is no party which does not have corrupt leader but you need to identify your strength and right candidate

Every voter should be aware of voting so that he can contribute to the development of India by giving his precious vote to the right candidate.

“The one who uplifts the nation,
Let’s vote for him”

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in short

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