How NOKIA company was formed, know the complete story of NOKIA company

NOKIA, the world’s largest portable mobile making company, which ruled the mobile market for a long time, may have lagged behind in the era of smartphones, but there was a time when no mobile company dared to launch its new mobile in front of Nokia. It was not.


If it is said that people in India had the first mobile phone of NOKIA company, then there will be no exaggeration in this matter.

Although even today Nokia is struggling to make its old place in the mobile market with its new product, but its journey has been full of ups and downs. Today in our article we will tell you about the story of becoming a company of NOKIA.


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How NOKIA company was formed, know the complete story of NOKIA company

How NOKIA started

Let us tell you that one of the most popular companies in the world, NOKIA company was started by Fredrik Idestam, Eduard Polon and Leo Mechelin in 1865, 150 years ago.

Let us tell you that in 1965, mining engineer Federik started one of his bulb mills, after that he started another company with Leo and Eduard, which he named NOKIA. All three of them worked in this company for 9 years.

After this, in the year 1922, in partnership with Trio, Nokia Company started rubber and cable work. Gradually the company increased its work and after some time NOKIA started making masks and rubber shoes for military use.


In 1967, the three growing companies came together to form the Nokia Corporation. Nokia Corporation work was focused on the network and radio industry. To this end, Nokia Corporation manufactured radio equipment and new military equipment for the Finnish Defense Force.


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The beginning of NOKIA

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NOKIA in the field of mobile phones

After this, from the year 1981 to 1991, the Nokia company started working with personal computers with the manufacture of professional mobile radio mobile feature capacitors.


Meanwhile, in 1981, Nokia’s brand company Mobira launched the world’s first international cellular network. This international cellular network was named Nautic Mobile Telephone Service. By the year 1982, the Mobira company also launched its car phone and Nokia made its debut in mobile networks.

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NOKIA in the field of mobile phones


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Nokia launches portable mobile phone

The year 1987 turned out to be a big year for Nokia, when the company launched its first fully portable mobile phone, the Mobira Cityman 900. Exactly three years later i.e. in 1990, NOKIA developed the world’s first GSM network in association with Siemens Networks.


Finnish on 1 July 1991 Prime minister Made the world’s first call from NOKIA phone only. Slowly the name of Nokia came on top in the world of mobile networks.

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NOKIA Portable Mobiles

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NOKIA commercial phone

In 1992, Nokia also forayed into commercial mobile phones and launched its first commercial phone, the NOKIA 1011, in November 1992. After this, in the year 1998, Nokia reached the top by beating Motorola, the largest mobile phone company.


The year 2003 proved to be a big year for Nokia, because this year the company’s phone NOKIA 1100 was launched. Please tell that this phone that comes with torch is the best selling phone till date.

After this Nokia launched the portable gaming phone Nokia Engage and the first camera phone Nokia 7605. Nokia also launched the Nokia 3600 and Nokia 3650 alongside the 7605.

Known for its camera quality, Nokia went to the market in the year 2006 with its advanced camera phone named NOKIA n93. After this Nokia launched high performance mobile N8, which came with 12 megapixel camera. Over time, Nokia launched many phones improving the quality and performance of its phones.

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NOKIA Commercial Phone

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nokia bad times

But after this success and getting the title of the world’s top mobile phone, Nokia’s bad times also came in its fate. actually in the market iphone And Android phones were launched.

Many new companies started launching their cheap feature phones. In such a situation, many better features were available in these mobile phones than Nokia. Due to which users left Nokia and adopted these new feature phones.

The reason behind Nokia being left behind is its inability to change the features of its mobile phones with time. Presently Nokia is coming with its Android phones and once again making a comeback in the mobile phone market.

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Hope you have liked our article and you must have come to know how NOKIA company was formed.

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When was the Nokia company started?

The Nokia company was started by Fredrik Idestam, Eduard Polon and Leo Mechelin in 1865, 150 years ago.



NOKIA is a company from which country?

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish mobile and smartphone manufacturer.


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