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importance of environment , Importance of Environment in Hindi

“Come plant trees,
Make the environment clean

The entire life of the earth is based on the environment. Earth is the only life-giving planet in the entire universe, in which there is full cooperation of nature.

Environment is an integral part of the earth. Life on earth is not possible without nature or environment

Environment means the cover around us, under the environment comes trees, plants, animals, trees etc. That is, whatever is around us, whether it is living or non-living, all are connected to our environment.

Today the only reason life is possible on earth is the environment. If the environment had not been favorable to us, then perhaps we and you would not have been there today.

All the things we come in contact with in our daily lives are the environment. Nature has given us a pure and clean environment

Environment is very important in our life. A good and clean environment helps us to live a healthier and better life

“Those who do not save the environment,
Then you will not be able to live on this earth.

Plants, which are part of our environment, provide us with oxygen to breathe. The carbon dioxide that we give out is absorbed by the trees.

In ancient times man used to keep his environment very clean. He knew that if the environment is clean then we will also be able to stay clean.

But today human busy in modernity is forgetting the importance of environment. which has a direct impact on our health

In ancient times, man used to get completely nutritious vegetables, fruits etc. by nature. As a result human life was more healthy at that time

But today we consume vegetables and grains with harmful pesticides, which has a negative effect on health.

The human beings who are playing with the environment today can have very disastrous consequences.

In the blind race of modernity innumerable factories, factories are being built. Numerous motor vehicles are seen running on the roads, which is directly affecting the environment.

Today human beings are cutting trees and erecting big buildings there, but they do not think that we get oxygen to live from these plants.

For the last several decades, we have been seeing that due to the polluted environment, terrible diseases are being born which are proving to be disastrous for the human beings. like plague, cholera, flu, respiratory diseases etc.

Pollution of the environment is not only a threat to mankind but also to the whole life. For a healthy life, it is necessary that the environment should be protected, it should be saved from getting polluted, for this we all have to understand the importance of the environment.

Only then will we be able to protect the environment. Every human living on this earth should make every effort to protect it so that the integral parts of our environment such as water, air and soil can be saved from getting polluted.

It should always be our endeavor that we keep it clean at all times. The best way to stop environmental pollution is to plant more and more trees.

Because trees and plants provide us with clean air and help in getting rain.

We have to control factories, factories fumes and industrial waste. With this, the water of our rivers or ponds will remain safe and the air will also be less polluted.

CNG in place of petrol, diesel in vehicles use should be encouraged. Emphasis should be laid on the use of renewable sources of energy, which should promote energy conservation. Banning the use of plastic will also promote environmental protection

The environment not only keeps the climate balanced, but whatever is necessary for life, we get everything from the environment itself.

Therefore it is our responsibility that we all take a pledge to protect the environment so that we can live a healthy life and life on earth can become happy.

“This is the basis of life,
Environment is our family

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