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Life introduction of Honeypreet Singh Insa. Honeypreet Singh Insan Biography in hindi

Life introduction of Honeypreet Singh Insa. Honepreet singh insan biography in hindi

Honeypreet Singh Controversial Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh She is the daughter of Ramrahim and lives like his shadow in almost all his works. She has come in the public eye after Baba’s appearance in the CBI court. Honeypreet Singh has two sisters and one brother. The names of his three siblings are Amanpreet Kaur Insa, Charanpreet Kaur Insa and Jasmeet Singh Insa. All the special information related to Honeypreet is being given here.

Biography of Honeypreet Singh Insa

Honeypreet Insan Personal Life

She was born in the year 1975, she is the adopted daughter of Baba Ram Rahim. She calls herself the dearest daughter of Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim and calls herself father’s angel. Her real name is Priyanka Taneja, which was later changed to Honeypreet Insa by Baba Rahim. She also describes herself as the successor of the Dera after Baba Ram Rahim. She is also a director, editor and actress by profession.

Career of Honeypreet Insan


they have Dera Sacha Sauda Along with joining, he took over almost all the works here and earned a lot of fame in a very short time. He also helped Ram Rahim a lot in the films made by Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim. The films in which he helped Ram Rahim are ‘MSG The Warrior Lion Heart’, ‘Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab’ and the new film ‘Jattu Engineer’. Her career did not last only till Bollywood, but she also went to Hollywood and made her links there too. He also broke Jackie Chan’s record by playing 21 different characters in the film ‘MSG’.

Married life of Honeypreet Insan

On February 14, 1999, she married Vishwas Gupta, an old Dera devotee, but very soon tensions started between the two.

Honeypreet Insan Controversy

Vishwas Gupta reached the court regarding the fact that Dera chief Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim and his wife, who is also the daughter of Baba Ram Rahim, had an illicit relationship. Shortly after this, Vishwas Gupta withdrew this allegation and since then Honeypreet Singh lives in the Dera. It is said that the illegitimate relationship between Baba and his daughter-in-law continued. Even on social sites, Honeypreet is continuously engaged in promoting Baba Ram Rahim. Her 5,00,000 followers are connected to her on her Facebook page, where she keeps updating all the immediate reactions of Baba Ram Rahim.

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