Top 10 Money Making Apps | Money Earning Apps 2022

Money Earning Apps 2022 If you want to earn money through Android Apps sitting at home, then in this article we are telling about Top 10 Best Money Making Apps . Everyday millions of people on the Internet look for Best Online Money Earning Apps. So let’s know which are the mobile apps through which we can earn money.

In today’s modern era, people earn smartly, that is, the era of earning money by working hard and working hard as before is no longer there. In today’s time, with the expansion of internet and technology, the way of earning money has also changed.

Changes are also seen in the way people live and work. In the present time technology is expanding so fast that people are earning money sitting at home. Because today there are a lot of money making apps.

Millions of people in the country and the world are earning money from their mobile phones through these Android Apps. They don’t need to go anywhere. So in today’s article, we will tell you about some such apps through which you can earn a lot.

Money Earning Apps In Hindi – Money Earning Apps

In the name of applications that earn millions of money on the Internet, many applications are available to be seen. But which is the right application among them? Who really gives money. To know this, you have to read this article till the last.

RozDhan App

This is a popular application in the list of earning apps. You can earn good money from this application. At present, lakhs of people have downloaded it. You can also earn good money by downloading this application.

Inside this application, you will get to see different types of videos and articles, you can earn good money by watching them. You can also earn money by referring this application. If you share this application with your friends or family members, then you also earn good money from it.

If someone downloads and starts using this application from the link shared by you, then you get a good commission. Usually also get 50 rupees. The more people download from your link, the more money you will get.

In this you get to see trending articles and new videos. You can earn money by watching them. You can directly transfer the money earned from this application to your bank account.


In modern times, the means of earning money by playing games in mobile phones have become very popular. Many such applications have been launched online in the Indian market, which is paying people money for playing games from mobile.

MPL Apps are very popular in this list. Let us tell you that the advertisements of MPL App have been given by former Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and current captain Virat Kohli. From this you can get an idea of ​​how big the application is and how big is its popularity.

In this application you get to see many games of the world. You can participate in those games. You have to pay some money to play this game. On the other hand, if you win the game, the specified amount is transferred to your bank account.

This application is one of the best money earning apps. You can also earn money by referring it. Many types of games are given in this application like Ludo, Cricket match, Volleyball, Rummy circle, etc.

Dream11 App

You must have heard the name of Dream11. This is an online fantasy cricket game application. Through this application, you have to invest some money as betting in the match going on in real, if you win, you can win crores of rupees.

Let us tell you that you can participate in the league of crores of rupees of dream11 with at least 30 – 35 rupees. If you become the first winner of that cricket league, then you are given 10000000 rupees.

At present, dream11 is very popular. You get to see the advertisements of dream11 on television, in mobile and in newspapers. In which big celebrities like- Mahendra Singh Dhoni have also promoted dream11.

If you share the link of your dream11 application to anyone to download, then you are given 250 rupees. Similarly, the more people download the dream11 application from your link, the more money you will get. In this application there is a cricket team by combining both. The highest rank is obtained when the marks are obtained.

My11Circle App

Cricket fantasy application is becoming very popular these days. This list of Best Online Money Earning Apps includes the my11circle app. So far more than one crore people have downloaded this application. You can win a reward of up to one crore rupees on this application.

At present, advertisements for the application are seen on social media, television, newspapers and the Internet. The advertisements of this application are given by big celebrities. Then you can understand that this is a real money earning application.

If you download this application and share its link with your friends and any person downloads and uses this app from your link, then you get 500 rupees as bonus. You can also get these 500 rupees directly in your bank account.

You get to see many types of games on this application. Where during a live cricket match, a team has to be selected by combining both the teams. If the team you made gets more points then you can win lakhs and crores of rupees too.

Teen Patti App

Those who are interested in earning money by playing games, they must download the application. Because with this application they will be entertained and they can also earn good money. It usually involves a game of cards.

This game runs online in which you can play online games just like offline. To play this game, you have to deposit a certain amount of money here, only then you earn extra money when you win.

money making apps

You also get money by sharing this application with your friends. This app provides Rs.150 on Refer and Earn. If someone downloads this app from the link shared by you, you get Rs.150.

Now the more people you share and the more people download this app from your link, the more money you will get to see inside this application. You can use this money to play games here or you can also transfer it to a bank account.

Upstox App

If you are interested in share market you want to earn money from share market. So now it can prove to be better for the father of the store. With this application you can not only invest in share market by opening your demat account, but you can also earn good money by referring this application.

Even if you do not have any interest related to share market, you can still earn good money using this application. Currently Upstox App is becoming very popular because this application is providing up to Rs.1200 on Refer and Earn.

People are easily earning lakhs of rupees from this application in a few days. If you register on this application and share its link with your friends and any person downloads this application from your link, then you get to see 1200 directly in the bank account. If you refer more and more people, you will get to see lakhs of rupees in this.

Groww App

If you have a little knowledge related to share market and mutual funds, then you can download this application and invest in it. In which you get to see the options to invest in the stock market and to invest in mutual funds.

Apart from this, you can get fixed deposit in any bank account with this application. But if you do not have any interest in any such investment areas, then you can earn good money by referring this application.

This app is becoming very popular in today’s time because people are earning good money by downloading this application. Your friend circle is also big, you have fan following, then you can earn lakhs of rupees by referring this application.

This application is giving 100 rupees for successful referral of a person. 1000 will be made for referring 10 people. Similarly, referring more and more people earns more.

OneCode App

Talking about top money making apps, OneCode App is a great financial application. By using this application you can easily earn lakhs of rupees every month.

From this application, you will earn money only when someone downloads or applies from the link shared by you. Let us tell you that inside this financial application, you get to see many types of applications that have to be referred.

In this, many types of applications and financial services are available like Loan Application, Credit Card Apps, Paylater Apps, Gold Loan App, Crypto Apps, Debit Card App, Saving Account App, Insurance App etc.

You have to share it with people. If a person downloads that application from the link shared by you and applies, he gets approval, gets a credit card, gets his account opened, then you are given the specified amount. You can also earn 25 rupees per referral by referring this application.

Gromo App

At present, people are easily earning from 50000 to 100000 rupees every month from this application. If you also work on this application for some time everyday. So you can also earn 50000 rupees easily.

This is a financial application. In this, many types of loan applications, bank accounts, buy now pay later, credit cards, debit cards, such applications related to financial services are seen.

You can earn good money by sharing all the financial services given inside this application to the needy people because here you also get up to 3000 rupees especially on loan applications and credit cards.

That is, a person applies a credit card from your link and he gets a credit card, then you get 3000 rupees. In the same way, by sharing to as many people as possible, you will earn more and more.

EarnKaro App

If you want to earn good money by working from your mobile phone sitting at your home for some time, then this can be the best application for you. If you have a family member or a friend who does online shopping, then you can earn good money by sharing the link of the product he needs through this application.

This is a great affiliate app. With this, you can generate affiliate links of all e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, etc., from this single application.

Usually, from whatever application we have to earn money through affiliate program. After creating an account on that website, you have to share the link with that product. But now you can get the link of almost all e-commerce website of India from this application from a single application.