Top 10 Real Money Earning Apps in India 2022 For Android And iOS

Top 10 Real Money Earning Apps in India  : Friends, are you searching for Top 10 Real Money Earning Apps in India in India , then with the new top 10 earning app given in this post, you can easily earn money in 2020. 


If you work properly on an app like Messho, then you can also make it a business of earning money online from mobile . You just have to do a little smart work. 
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Top 10 Paisa Kamane Wala Apps – Best Money Earning App
You do not need to work too hard on this app, just open these apps whenever you are free and some simple tasks have to be completed. 
Many people say that you cannot earn money from mobile apps. It is true that if you do this work with the wrong apps then you will not get anything. But if you work on Genuine online money earning app then you can earn 100% money and lots of cash backs.  

You can start earning from your smart phone by using the best earning app paise kamane ke liye given in this post . All the apps given here are 100% tested and many people are earning money from them. 

Top Paisa Kamane Wala Apps


If you want to setup your business by earning more than 24 thousand money every month from your mobile phone then messho app will help you a lot. In today’s date in India, this is the best app of paise kamane ki and the best way to earn money from mobile . 
Messho is a reseller app and has become very popular in a very short time, which gives you an opportunity to earn money without investing anything . So let’s know how to earn money from messho app. 
To earn money from Messho app, first you have to install this app from the referral link given below. Due to which you get a discount of 30% on registering for the first time and after placing the first order. 

After the completion of the first successful order on Messho, you can earn money by selling many of the products given in it on your whatsapp, facebook and instagram. In this, you can set margin on each product according to your wish. 
For example, if the product is of Rs.500 and you sell it to your customer for Rs.550 then you will get Rs. A margin of 50 will be found in your bank account. 
If you do good selling then you can earn Rs. You can earn bonus up to 24000. For that you have to complete the targets. 

The refer and earn program of this app is also good, when you place the first successful order, you invite your friends and get Rs. You can also get a bonus of 250 and commission on the sales done in front of them. 

2. GigIndia

GigIndia is a paise kamane wala app in India, which gives you a chance to earn a lot of paytm cash bash. 
The concept of this app is very good, in this you have to do it at the level, as you complete the tasks, your earning will increase in the same way. 
In this app all the ways related to mobile such as online promoter, social media influencer, campus ambassador, video creator, field intern and content writing. 

Paise kamane ke tarike from GigIndia
1. My Gigs: There are many simple tasks in this section of yours, on completing which you get money. Like share, comment on social media, register on any site and download apps etc. 
2. Earn: In this section you have to join by referring this app, your level will increase as you get more people to join. 

On completing each task in this app, you get Paytm cash back coupon and get some gigs. 

3. Frapp

If you are a student then frapp app can help you a lot in earning money, this app is made for spacial students only, to register on this app you have to upload your student id card. 
Earning is done in three ways in this app, through internship, missions and offers. A lot of internships go on in this app, which you have to apply and you can start earning on getting selected. 
There are some such internships in this. 
1. Campus Ambassadors
2. Virtual Internship
3. Content Marketing
4. Sales

Best Paise Kamane Ke Apps And Games

4. MPL
If you want to earn money playing games in mobile then mpl app is best for you. This special game is made for lovers only. 
We keep playing some games in our mobile many times a day. But if you play games in this app then we can earn paytm cash by playing games. 
You need tokens to play games from MPL, you can earn money by playing games by adding tokens by sharing this app with others. 
You will get many games to earn money in this, you get money for playing every game. 
You can transfer the money you received in this app to paytm, upi or direct bank account. Its biggest feature is that there is no limit in this, if you earn even 10Rs, then you can withdraw it too. 
Install MPL App From Here

5. Databuddy

If you want to earn paytm cash by installing apps or completing some simple tasks, then you must install databuddy app. 
You can earn money in two ways from this app, one can earn up to 210 by completing the offers going on in this app and second by registering them by sharing this app with others. 

6. CashBoss

CashBoss is a simple earning app, in which you get money for downloading apps and spinning this wheel. 
Apart from this, if you refer this app to someone and he registers then you will get 15 Rs. get till. 

Best Real Money Earning Apps 2020

7. Enjoy

If you have a passion for watching and sharing interesting videos, then you can erring a little bit from this app. 
If you download this app from the link given below, then you get cash back of Rs.50, which you can withdraw from paytm. And when you refer someone from this app then you get 500 points. 
In this you can get gifts by uploading videos and photos. 

8. Wooplr

Wooplr is a reseller app, in which you can start earning by creating your own online store without investing. 
In this you get a lot of products, to sell you just have to promote them and place the order of sell. This app automatically delivers the order placed by you to your customer. 
While placing the sell order, you have to add your margin, which you get through the bank account when the order is completed. Apart from this, you also get weekly and monthly bonuses. 
Apart from this, you can earn up to Rs 25 on every successful referral by referring this app. 
In this you get two options for payout, one from back account and other from paytm. 
Install Wooplr App From Here

9. RozDhan

Like the Injoy app, this app is also a video and photos based earning app. In which you get points for watching videos and photos, which you can convert into paytm cash. 
When you install the app from the link given below, you will get 50 Rs. will meet. And whenever you share this app with your friends then you will get points. 

10. OneAD

If you are looking for ways to earn money from reffer and earn app, then you should install and keep onead on your phone. 
This app gives you a chance to earn referrals at multi level. Meaning even if your referral gets someone to join, you will continue to earn. 
Apart from this, you get a lot of coupons for online shopping on this app, with the help of which you can save a lot of money. 

Bonus High Money Earning Apps :

11. Google Pay
With Google Pay, you can earn from 9000 to 1 lakh every month through many offers and refer and earn. Read this post to know in detail about how to earn money from google pay –

12. PhonePe

With PhonePe app, you can earn up to 10,000 by inviting others, read this post for more information –
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