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Who does not want to earn money in today’s time? Earning money has become the aim of every person’s life today. To earn money, a person leaves his family and goes to the country and abroad.  


But how if you can earn  20K to 25K a month by living with your family, that too from your smart phone.


Not sure? But this is true. 


Many people will not believe me, but let me tell you, I have worked with many of these apps myself. And today from my experience in this blog post of Hindiyogi, I will show you 6 such mobile apps.


I will tell about money earning apps through which you can earn up to 25000 a month from the comfort of home.  


There are many ways to earn money online today . One of which is Money Earning Apps , which means apps through which we can earn money sitting at home. 


Today almost everyone has a smartphone. And every person is trying to earn money from his mobile phone. But due to lack of correct information, he misses out on this opportunity and spends most of his time watching entertainment things on mobile phone. 


If you also want to earn money through online app and are searching on internet about Online Earning Apps then you have come to the right place. 


Today I will tell you about Best Earning Apps in Hindi in this blog post through which you can earn money comfortably. Not only you can earn, but you can also tell other members of the house about how to earn money through these apps and earn money. 


So let’s start : Money Making Apps in hindi

Top Money Earning Apps in Hindi

#1.Meesho App

You must have heard about Reselling App. Reselling App is called that app in which you have to promote the product listed on that app among your friends and relatives through social media. And when someone buys that product, then you add your margin to that product and order that product by going to the same app.


The margin amount is transferred to your account within 7 to 10 days after the product is delivered. 


Meesho is also one of those apps. Meesho is India’s largest and most trusted Reselling App.  


The biggest feature of this app is that you can sell their products through your ecommerce website apart from social media and earn good money. 


So if you are searching about Online Money Making App then meesho Ap can prove to be the best app for you to earn money. 


Download meesho App from here.

#2.Roz Dhan App

Roz Dhan App: Roz Dhan App is one of the Money Earning Apps . You can download it from Google Play Store. 

It has a rating of 4 on the Google Play Store and more than 10 million people have downloaded it. If we talk about its reviews, then it is also 2 lakhs, which is considered a very good number. 


After downloading Roz Dhan App, register it with your mobile number, email id or Facebook account. As soon as you register, Rs 25 is added to your account. 


After that you get logged in to this app where you see many tasks. You can complete this task very easily like Read FAQ, First Invite, Watch Video Tutorial etc. 


You have to complete these tasks. The reward amount is given in front of each task. 


As you complete the task, money will be added to your Roz Dhan App account, which you can later transfer to your bank account through paytm.

#3.PhonePe App

Earning App In Hindi: Friends PhonePe app is a payment wallet app. Every one of us uses this app for online payment. But hardly everyone knows that with this app we can also earn daily money which we can use to pay someone or pay any kind of bill etc. 


So let’s know how we can earn money from PhonePe app :-


First of all, you have to download the PhonePe app from here. After this you will be asked mobile number for registration on this app. Keep in mind that you have to enter the same mobile number which is linked with your bank account. Now you have to fill your bank details in PhonePe app. 


Thus your registration process on this app ends. 


Now here you can earn money in many ways:


For example, cash back is received when the bill is paid. You can earn a lot of money through Refer & Earn, in which you have to share the link of this app with others and whenever a person downloads this app through that link, you will be given money instead, which is 100 rupees. 150 can be up to Rs. 

In this way, you can earn money online daily sitting at home with PhonPe App .

Top 6 Money Earning Apps In India


Paytm App is also an e-Wallet App like PhonePe. This is India’s biggest digital wallet app. Recently, Paytm has announced to bring the country’s biggest IPO, which has also been approved by SEBI. 


If you are searching about best earning app then Paytm App can also be a good way to earn money.  


अब बात आती है कि Paytm से पैसे कैसे कमाए ? तो मैं आपको बताना चाहूंगा कि Paytm App से आप हर तरह के बिल का भुकतान कर सकते हो जैसे बिजली बिल, क्रेडिट कार्ड बिल, गैस बिल, पानी का बिल, यहाँ तक कि मेट्रो कार्ड का रिचार्ज, मोबाइल रिचार्ज, DTH रिचार्ज आदि Paytm से कर सकते हो जिसके बदले में कम्पनी आपको कैशबैक ऑफर देती है।



online earning apps in Hindi

#5.Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the Top Money Making App. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app developed by Google which has more than 50 M downloads on Google Play Store. Talking about the rating of this app, it has a rating of 4.2 stars and has more than 2M reviews. 


With Google Opinion Rewards, you can earn online rewards sitting at home and with this reward you can buy anything from Google Play Store. 


Now let’s talk about how to earn from Google Opinion Rewards?


First of all you have to download Google Opinion Rewards App in your android mobile. After that register yourself on this app with your Gmail ID. After this you have to complete the survey given on the app to earn rewards. When you have enough reward then you can use this reward to shop from play store.


Friends, I do not need to tell how much the popularity of cricket is in India. If you are also interested in cricket then you can earn money online sitting at home from your mobile. For this, you have to first download the Dream11 app by visiting the Dream11 website 


Dream11 is a gaming app related to cricket, where you are given a list of real matches happening in the world. You have to select the match in whichever match you are interested, after that you have to make a virtual team by selecting 11 players from the list of players playing in that match, in return for which you have to make online payment to Dream11. . 


You have to make this team one hour before the start of the real match. After the start of the match, according to the performance of the team selected by you, you are given rewards and this reward is your income.  


If your team performs well then you are given rewards and if the team’s performance is not good then you also get less rewards. 


Apart from this, if you refer the link of Dream11 App to another person and that person creates his account in Dream11 App by visiting your given link, you still get rewards.

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