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What is Khalistan Movement, History, Essay. What is the Khalistan movement history in Hindi

What is the Khalistan movement History essay of Khalistan movement (What is the Khalistan movement in Hindi), Controversy related to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada PM Justin Trudeau and Jaspal Atwal controversy) Latest News

At the same time, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is on a tour of India and a program was organized to welcome him by the High Commissioner of Canada in India. An invitation was also sent to Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal in this program. At the same time, the Government of India had issued a displeasure over this meeting between the Prime Minister of Canada and Jaspal Atwal. After which this meeting between these two was stopped.

what is khalistan movement

Khalistan Movement, History, Essay

Habitat Khalistan
Founder of Khalistan General Singh Bhindranwale
politician Simranjit Singh Mann
declaration of Independence 29 April 1986
Referendum 12 August 2018
currency khalistani dollar

In fact, majority of the population in the country of Canada is of Sikhs and still many meetings are organized in this country regarding the Khalistan movement. India has always opposed these gatherings. But despite this, the funding for Khalistan by these meetings and the Sikh people here is not stopping. On the other hand, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not want to reduce his vote bank by angering Sikhs. At the same time, Trudeau also participated in a rally of ‘Khalsa Day’ held in Canada last year. On which also India had expressed its displeasure. This event was organized in a radical gurudwara in Toronto.

Controversy over taking pictures with Jaspal

On February 20, Trudeau hosted a party for Bollywood celebrities. At the same time, Jaspal also participated in this party organized in Mumbai. Not only this, he had also clicked a photo with PM Trudeau’s wife Sophie and there was a lot of controversy regarding this photo. At the same time, seeing the growing controversy, a statement was issued on behalf of PM Trudeau. The statement said that the official delegation had nothing to do with Prime Minister Atwal’s visit to India, nor was he invited by the Prime Minister’s Office. It is being told that Atwal had come to India on 18 February. Whereas PM Trudeau came to our country on 16 February.

vote bank politics of canada pm

In fact, to keep the votes of the Sikhs living in Canada in his favor, Canadian PM Trudeau keeps himself away from the Khalistan issue. At the same time, Trudeau has also been accused of not taking any action against Khalistani supporters. Not only this, he has also given place to many such Sikhs in his cabinet, who have been associated with the Khalistan movement at one time or the other.

Recently, the Canadian PM had a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and the matter of Khalistan Fund was also raised in this meeting. After this meeting with the Canadian PM, Amarinder Singh told the media that he had discussed the Khalistan issue with the PM. The organization demanding Khalistani country receives funds from many countries including Canada. That’s why they hope that the PM of Canada will solve this issue. At the same time, the Canadian PM has also assured that he will solve this issue.

What is Khalistan movement?

The movement of Khalistan started only after the independence of India. This movement was done to separate Punjab from India and to build Punjab as Khalistan country. Due to this violent movement in India, many people had to lose their lives. At the same time, many organizations associated with this movement are still active all over the world, which still hold the opinion of separating Punjab from India.

How did this movement start (khalistan movement history)

In the fight to liberate India, the people of the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities together faced the British. That’s when the British announced the independence of India. So by that time the unity between Hindus and Muslims had completely ended. Mohammed Jinnah, the leader of the Muslims, proposed to the British to create a separate homeland for himself. At the same time, Hindu leaders also agreed on this proposal. At the same time, the full responsibility of dividing India had come on British India. After which British India divided India into two parts in the year 1947. Out of which one part was given to the Muslims and the other to the Hindus and thus Pakistan got separated from India.

At the same time, when this partition was being done, at that time the people of Sikh community also realized that they too want a homeland of their own. As a result, the Suba movement was launched in the year 1950 under the leadership of Akali Dal. Through this movement, the Akali Dal demanded the creation of a Punjabi majority state (Suba). But the Government of India refused to accept this demand of the Akali Dal. But this movement did not end here. It is said that in the year 1966, the Government of India had agreed to the demand to separate the state of Punjab from India. The government of that time had decided that it would separate the state of Punjab. But Himachal and Haryana will remain a part of India. But the Akalis did not agree with this decision of the government and they demanded that Chandigarh be merged with Punjab. Only they will have the right on the rivers of Punjab and Haryana and Rajasthan will not have any right on these rivers. In the year 1978, ‘Anandpur Sahib Sankalp’ was taken in which the Akalis along with Jagjit Singh Chauhan formulated their demand. And before this, in the year 1971, Gajit Singh Chauhan, a supporter of Khalistan, went to America and gave an advertisement related to Khalistan country in a newspaper there and through this advertisement he tried to collect donations from the people. So that with this money they can strengthen their movement.

At the same time, in the year 1980, he formed the “Khalistan National Council” and made himself its chief. In the same year, he went to London and also announced the formation of Khalistan country. Not only this, it is said that together with Balbir Singh Sandhu, General Secretary of the National Council of Khalistan, he had also issued the postal stamp and currency of Khalistan.

Operation Blue Star in the year 1984

While all these incidents were happening in Punjab. Meanwhile, a leader named Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale also came forward. Who also demanded to create a separate Khalistan country. At the same time, it is said that the Khalistan movement gradually started getting fierce and terror started spreading in Punjab. On the other hand, Khalistani extremist Bhindranwale along with some of his supporters went to Harmandir Sahib i.e. Golden Temple and camped here and here he collected heavy machine guns and self-loading rifles. Actually Bhindranwale felt that the government would never attack any temple.

And when Indira Gandhi came to know that Khalistani extremists were hiding in the temple. So he executed Operation Blue Star. Through this operation, these people hiding in the Golden Temple were killed. The Golden Temple was also badly damaged by this operation and many people were killed during this operation. This mission was executed on 1 June 1984.

Indira Gandhi died in the year 1984

On the other hand, the people of Punjab had a different opinion about Sikh Bhindranwale and they considered Bhindranwale as their leader. After which Indira Gandhi was killed by two Sikhs to avenge his death. After the death of Indira Gandhi, the anti-Sikh violence of 1984 started in Delhi in which many Sikhs were killed.

Who is Jaspal Atwal (who is Jaspal Atwal)

Jaspal Atwal has been a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISIF). This Sangh was established in the year 1984 in Canada and the purpose of this Sangh is to create a separate country i.e. Khalistan for the Sikhs of India. At the same time, the Government of India had banned this union in the year 2002.

Apart from India, Britain, Canada and America have also banned this association. Not only this, Atwal and his associates were accused of killing Punjab minister Malkit Singh Sidhu in the year 1986. He was also sentenced to 20 years in this charge but later he was released.

Where does the funding come from (Khalistan movement funding)

Money is given to different Khalistani organizations by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Through this money, ISI wants to spread terror in India and this was disclosed by India’s intelligence agency in the same year 2018. According to the Home Ministry of India, ISI has been helping Khalistani organizations.


Q-Which country is Khalistan?

Ans- Khalistan is a separate nation created by Sikhs.

Q- What will be the capital of Khalistan?

Ans- The capital of Khalistan will be Lahore.

Q- Are Khalistani terrorists?

Ans- It has not been proved anywhere that they are terrorists. That’s why it would not be right to say anything on this now.

Q- When will the Khalistani people go back to their nation?

Ans- Nothing can be said clearly about this right now.

Q- From where can Khalistani people get recognition?

Ans- It will be announced by the government.

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