What is Virtual Server? complete information.

What is Virtual Server

If you have just heard about Virtual Server and you want to get complete information about Virtual Server then you have come to the right place. In this post I will tell you what is Virtual Server? How is it made? How does it work and what are its benefits? So definitely read this post till the end.

What is Virtual Server?

As you must be aware from the name that Virtual means something that does not exist physically.

A virtual server is a server that does not physically exist. These servers are created by partitioning a physical server so that the power of that physical server can be saved from being wasted and you can be given more control over the server.

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How is a Virtual Server Created?

Let us understand it in very simple words.

Suppose you have a computer whose hard disk you have created 4 different partitions. Now you have installed different operating systems in these four partitions. So these four partitions started working like separate computers. Although we will actually have only one computer.

Similarly, to create a Virtual Server, we use Virtualization Technology to make many partitions of a Physical Server, which work like different Virtual Servers, whereas in reality we have only one Physical Server.

Virtual Servers are commonly used web hosting Where these servers host websites with high traffic.

Virtual Servers provide you the facility of privacy and customization just like a dedicated server where you can install your desired operating system and other software.

Along with this, they also provide you Dedicated Resources like Dedicated Server. Hosting websites on Virtual Servers is much cheaper as compared to Dedicated Servers. This is the reason that in today’s VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting The logo is becoming very popular.

What is Server Virtualization?

Friends, although you must have understood a lot from the information given above, but because I used the word Virtualization, then I think we should talk a little about it too.

Server Virtualization is an idea in which we take a physical server and break it into many partitions using a virtualization software like Hypervisor which start working like different servers. We call these created servers as Virtual Servers.

All these Virtual Servers can run their own Operating System. The advantage of this is that we can use a whole server for many different tasks rather than just doing one thing.

Types of Server Virtualization?

There are three types of Server Virtualization:

Virtual Machine Model or Full Virtualization:

Friends, in this we create Virtual Servers by using software like Hypervisor. All these Virtual Servers can use different Operating Systems.

Paravirtual Machine:

This is also like Full Virtualization and you can use different Operating Systems in it.


In this also all users can use Virtual Servers separately. However, all Virtual Servers use only one operating system in this. Software like Hypervisor is not used in this. Your Operating System itself does the work of creating Virtual Servers.

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How does Virtual Server work?

Friends Virtual Server also works like any normal server. Like when we use it to host a website, then it is other type of web hosting Works in the same way as the servers used in .

When a person enters the URL of your website in the address bar of his web browser, then your virtual server in response to this request, accesses the files of your website to his web browser which looks like your website to him.

The only difference between a website hosted by a virtual server is that the website has Shared Hosting A lot more resources and a good level of privacy are available in comparison to this. However, this type of web hosting is a bit more expensive than shared hosting. Dedicated Server Hosting In comparison, it is much cheaper.

Advantages of Virtual Server:

Virtual servers have many advantages:

to be cheap:

If you compare Virtual Server with Dedicated Server, then you will find that Virtual Servers are very cost effective.

Many times our needs are more than Shared Server but are much less as compared to Dedicated Server. Virtual Servers are very useful in this situation.

More Customization Facility:

You get more customization facility on Virtual Servers. Since a Virtual Server is given to only one user, you can configure it according to your own.

If your website or app has some different requirements that Shared Servers cannot fulfill, then in this situation you can host your website on Virtual Servers.

Full Control:

Virtual Server gives you complete control over your server, which means that you can install your desired operating system or other software on it. Along with this, you can stop or restart your server whenever you want. This will not affect the websites and apps of other users on that physical server.

Ability to Host High Traffic Websites:

Virtual Servers provide you a lot of resources just like Dedicated Servers, due to which they are able to host your High Traffic Websites as well.

However, if there is a lot of traffic on your website, then you will have to use Dedicated Server only.

Still, if your website has come out of the scope of shared hosting, then I would advise you to Dedicated Hosting once before leaving VPS either Cloud Hosting Do try it. This might save you a lot of money.

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Saves Server’s Power and Resources from Waste:

If we do not use Virtual Servers, then you will have to use Dedicated Servers. In this situation, you will have a lot of resources which you may not be able to fully utilize. In this way the power of that server will also be wastage.

Apart from this, if you are the only user of Dedicated Server, then you will also have to bear the entire cost on it.

If we call Virtual Server web hosting Even if you don’t see it from the point of view, it has many advantages like:

These save space:

If you will use Virtual Servers in your company, then you will have to use less Physical Servers, due to which space will be saved in your company.

The cost of electricity will be saved:

If you use Virtual Servers, it means you will use less Physical Servers, due to which the cost of running them will be saved. Also, less server means less maintenance requirement, due to which you will save a little more money.

These make up an independent user environment:

Friends, because Virtual Servers work like different servers, different users can use them separately. You can work on one Virtual Server without affecting other Virtual Servers.

Even you can turn on or off your Virtual Server at any time, it will not make any difference to other Virtual Servers.

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