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Who is Amrit Pal Singh, what is the heir of Punjab (Who is Amritpal Singh, Detail in Hindi)

Who is Amrit Pal Singh, what is Waris Punjab De (Who is Amritpal Singh, detail in hindi,

In Amritsar, Punjab, on Thursday i.e. 23 February, a lot of ruckus broke out regarding Amrit Pal Singh. Let us tell you that the supporters of Amritpal Singh attacked the Ajnala police station. This ruckus was done because of this. Because the police arrested Lovepreet Toofan, close to Amripal. After which thousands of people came there. Who started pelting stones on sight. Started using guns, sticks and swords at the police station. A barricade was also put up by the police to stop them. But still the crowd could not be controlled. Because of which many policemen got injured in the midst of this ruckus. Apart from this, let us know what happened.

amritpal singh kaun hai detail in hindi

Information about Amrit Pal Singh (Amritpal Singh Detail in Hindi)

Name Amritpal Singh
Birth 18 January 1993
birth place Jwalapur Kheera, Amritsar
profession activist
Education 10th pass
father’s name Tarseem Singh
mother’s name Balwinder Kaur
siblings name Don’t know
marital status married
wife’s name Kirandeep Kaur
Religion Sikh
Caste Punjabi
Property no knowledge

Who is Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh is part of pro-Khalistan terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. These days he is being called Bhindranwale 2.0. Let us tell you that earlier Amripal Singh was living in Dubai. But after the death of Waris Punjab De founder Deep Sidhu last year, he returned to India to take over the reins of the organisation. Since then he is handling the command of this organization.

What is Waris Punjab de

Deep Sidhu who is no more in this world before the assembly elections of Punjab. He founded this organization on 30 September 2021. Let us tell you that this organization means to protect the rights of Punjab. Many youths were added to this organization. It was recognized first. During the violence at the Red Fort on the occasion of Republic Day. Because at that time Deep Sidhu had supported it and said that this is such an organization, joining which we will fight for the rights of every Punjabi. Along with this, he also supported the pro-Khalistan party. Due to which election campaigns were also done for him. But he died in a road accident on 15 February 2022 even before the elections. Due to which Amritpal Singh has now taken its command. Through this, he has started connecting the youth again.

look like bhindranwale

When Amritpal Singh was chosen as the head of this organization, he had said that Bhindranwale is my inspiration. I will follow the path shown by him. I want to be just like him because every Sikh wants to be like him. For this every drop of my blood is devoted. Our freedom is being looted. Our Guru is being insulted. Because of which we have to take this step. That’s why he has kept a look like Bhindranwale.

Who was Deep Sindhu, how did she die?

Deep Sindhu was a famous actor, model and activist from Punjab. This is the same person who incited violence on the Red Fort on 26 January. He did this protest during the farmer’s movement. After this, a case was registered against him and action was taken. But after some time he died in a road accident. Let us tell you that his family members had termed the incident as a conspiracy. After which the investigation of this matter was started. But it did not yield any result. After which this matter has still not reached any stage.

What is Controversy

Amritpal Singh came back to India after 6 years. This was neither at the time of farmer’s movement, nor at the time of announcement of Waris Punjab De, nor at the time of Deep Sidhu’s death. This means that Deep Sidhu never met Amritpal. They only talked to each other through social media. He was linked to Waris Punjab De through a legitimate process. However, Deep Sidhu’s family members are not happy with his association. Due to which he has blocked Amritpal Singh on social media.

who is behind amritpal singh

Who is Amritpal Singh? The discussion on this matter has become very intense. Different types of discussions are going on in Punjab regarding this. It is being said that its training was done by Khalistani. So someone says that ISI or some other organization is behind Amritpal Singh. Isn’t it the hand of cross-border organization? There is a discussion whether Amritpal Singh does not want to be used in the coming elections.

Who are the supporters of Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh has started the work of preparing the supporter’s base. According to the information received, MP from Sangrur and Shiromani Akali Dal leader Simranjit Singh Mann has also participated in Amritpal Singh’s program at Rode village. He was an IPS officer before joining politics.

What does the central government say

The Central Government says that if Amritpal Singh tries to express any kind of resentment, he will have to face the wrath of the government. Because of the path on which they are working. It is ruining the life of every youth. Because of which every time some new violence is seen in Punjab. Due to which the atmosphere there is getting spoiled. To stop him, these intentions of Amritpal Singh have to be put on the brakes.


Q: Who is Amritpal Singh?

Answer: Amritpal Singh Waris is the leader of Punjab De.

Q: Where did Amritpal Singh and Deep Sidhu meet?

Answer: Amritpal Singh and Deep Sidhu met on social media.

Q: What is Amritpal Singh doing?

Answer: Amritpal Singh is teaching the youth about Khalistan.

Q: What is the aim of Amritpal Singh?

Answer: Amritpal Singh’s aim is to save the heritage of Punjab.

Q: How will the center stop Amritpal Singh?

Answer: Center will stop Amritpal Singh for thwarting his intentions.

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